APBP New Year Update–Packing help needed!

We are already a month into 2010–hard to believe! The new year has brought plenty of letters to APBP, and we could really use some additional packing help. Heather, our graduate assistant, is planning to be in the space a few days a week, which would be a great time for newcomers to stop by and learn the ropes of packing books. Once you know what to do, you can stop by the space at your convenience during open hours and do some packing on your own. I would recommend that you confirm that there will be someone there before you come if you are new and need a tutorial but generally Tuesdays & Wednesdays from around 4-7, and Friday afternoons around 1-3 Heather plans to be around.  (If you can’t come at those times, send us an email appalachianpbp@gmail.com and maybe we can find someone to meet you when you are available.) So come on down, bring a friend, and help us meet the growing demand for our services!
Coming soon: pics of the space. Stay tuned!

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