APBP Spring Update

Since we’re only two weeks until summer now, I better hurry up and get this spring update posted before spring is no more! APBP is still going strong. Here are few happenings:

  • We’ve had several new volunteers be trained in the fine art of book packing over the past couple months, and lots of letters are coming in, so we sure do appreciate the help. New volunteers are always welcome!
  • Rumor has it that APBP will be featured in the WVU spring newsletter. Thanks to all who participated in the recent “photo shoot” in our headquarters.
  • Lots of great ideas came out of May’s meeting regarding fundraising and other topics. If you were on our mailing list, you got the minutes. If you are not on our mailing list but would like to see them, surely a kind soul who checks APBP’s email will send them to you if you request. Or, better yet, send us a request to join the mailing list and stay on top of our happenings!

Let’s not let another four months go by without an APBP update–see you soon!

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