1. Hi Katy. I just finished reading the great article in the Eberly magazine about your organization. Congratulations on the article and your work. I didn’t know about you all until the article and am sorry I didn’t. I’m a very proud WVU alumnus who had to leave WV 4 years ago to follow work but I get back often. I also work for a non-profit and I had a very close relative who made a mistake and was forced to spend time in prison a few years ago. I’d love to offer a small amount of support to your organization. I’m sure you will take cash but it also appears that you have volunteers who look for special request books. I’d be glad to do both or either.

    I’d love to hear what your specific needs are and look forward to subscribing to your site.

    Thanks so much and best to you.

  2. Hi Jon,
    I have directed Katy to your comment–not sure she checks in on the blog regularly! As for the organization, I’d say that we are always in need of dictionaries (paperback), and brown packing paper and packing tape. Katy might have some other suggestions, too, when she sees your comment. Thanks for your note and take care!

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