Summer update from APBP

Change is in the hot, muggy, summer air at APBP! Here’s an update on some recent happenings:

1. Our summer doctoral student interns, Dominique and James, have been working diligently on getting paperwork together for our hopeful transition to official 501c3 status, which means that we would be a full-recognized nonprofit that can offer tax deductions for donations, as well as be eligible for various other sources of funding/grants. If you are interested in being involved in some of the legwork for this undertaking, drop us a line.

2. We have been graciously offered a space at the Greatest Garage Sale in Morgantown on August 6, which takes place in the parking garage across from the library. We can use this opportunity to take book and monetary donations, and spread the word about our work. If you are interested in helping out, contact Katy at

3. We are still in need of fundraising projects between now and…well, probably forever…but especially while working on our 501c3, which costs $400 in itself to file. Any ideas for fundraisers, let us know. And feel free to donate via PayPal in the meantime using the link to the left.

4.  Summer’s almost gone, and that means new students will be rolling into town shortly. Students, if you are out there, come get involved with APBP. Good people performing a good service and occasionally throwing pizza parties. Come on, you can’t beat that!

5. Packing help can always be used. Please contact us if you are a new volunteer who would like to be trained. Remember, those old volunteers who already know the routine can pop in at their leisure, as long as the office is open!

Happy rest of summer and hope to see you soon!

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