Thank you, Boothsville UMC!


Earlier this summer, the United Methodist Churches of the Boothsville charge in Marion County, West Virginia, collected hundreds of books for the APBP and even built beautiful handmade bookcases to help hold them. Pictured below  is Tanya Devine, who organized the book drive, and some of the folks who helped her do it, along with the bookcases while they were still at the church.  The photo above shows one of the donated bookcases in its new location in the APBP office, already loaded with books for prisoners. It’s by far the nicest we have. Thank you, Boothsville friends, for your wonderful generosity to the APBP!


  1. Thanks APBP for the work you do and for allowing us to get involved and learn about your organization. I’m not sure if a large book drive is anything I’ll try to organize again while pregnant, but the kids had a great time and managed to collect over 1,000 books to be donated to Appalachian Prison Book Project and another West Virginia based organization. We at Boothsville think the work the APBP does and the impact they have is immeasurable. We’re so thankful to all the volunteers that keep the APBP up, running and shipping out books!

    1. Thank you so much, Tanya. Likewise, we are thankful to volunteers like YOU that keep the APBP up and running! I can appreciate the challenge of organizing something like this while pregnant, too, so extra kudos to you! Please stay in touch, and if you haven’t already joined our Facebook page or mailing list, it is a great way to stay updated on what we’re doing. 🙂

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