Fall 2012 Update

Today an article about APBP was published by the Associated Press, which explains the nearly 400 hits we’ve had on the site before noon today. (As a point of reference, 10 hits/day would be about average.) Of course, this reminds a blog-keeper like myself that the site hasn’t been updated with any news in way too long, so hopefully the next few hundred “clickers” on our site today will enjoy our fall update!

  •  We had a great fundraiser concert at one of Morgantown’s finest venues, 123 Pleasant Street, last week. We raised about $400, or enough to send about 200 books.  Many thanks to the organizers of this event, including Mark Brazaitis, Elissa Evans, Rayna Momen, and Olga Gonzalez, and to LJ at 123 for giving us a great venue for our fundraiser. Performers included Almost Blue, Best Friends, and Haley Slagle & Billy Matheny, some of Morgantown’s finest musicians; we appreciate the time and talent they donated to the cause.
  • WVU Law Students are collecting donations for APBP. Law students were very helpful in helping us navigate the course to become an offical, tax-exempt nonprofit, and we appreciate everything they contribute to the organization.
  • As mentioned above, in addition to local press, APBP was recently featured in an article published by the Associated Press. Dominique Bruno gave a great interview to Vicki Smith, the article’s author, for the project–be sure to have a read!
  • Saturday volunteer packing sessions continue weekly from 10am-1pm in the Aull House on Spruce Street, next to the Morgantown Public Library. Come down and help us out if you feel so inclined!
  • As usual, we are grateful to ALL volunteers who help us out in any capacity to make sure that our mission of sending books to prisoners in our service region continues to be carried out, even when we are low on resources. Thanks to all of you!

And thanks to all of you who are checking out our site for the first time today in response to our national press. We appreciate your interest in our project and hope you will stay in touch by joining our Facebook page, subscribing to this blog, or contacting us to be added to our email list. It is wonderful to have friends from across the nation and world!


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