Please help me find this book

an APBP volunteer opened this letter the other day.

“I am writing you in hopes you can recommend me a book that will help me to turn my life around. I have never had a real job. I have been to prison 5 times now. I’ve done about 10 years all together. I keep doing the same thing expecting different results. I would like a book that will help me better myself.
“I do not have a job, house, car, place to live when I get out. I need a self-help book that will inspire me, better me, help me tune in and turn my life around. My mom is all I have left. I am 28 and my son does not know who I am. I need help to open my eyes. Can you find me a book I can read over and over and use it through out my life to change for the better. I read the bible some. I know there has to be a book for me. Something to make my mind stronger, smarter and teach me something. Please help me find this book. Thank you for your time.”


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2 responses to “Please help me find this book

  1. Suggestion I can give one of mine, I have many of them, “Heaven is for Real.”

    • Appalachian Prison Book Project

      Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Christopher. We’ve already filled this request, but we will certainly keep your recommendation in mind the next time we come across a similar request.

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