JMU Service-Learning Weekend with APBP

The second annual JMU-WVU/APBP Service-Learning Weekend was a great success!

Eight inspiring JMU students spent their weekend with APBP, reading letters, wrapping books, watching documentaries, and talking about the criminal justice system. In our final discussion they started to brainstorm about how they could start this kind of work on their own campus. So beautiful. Here are some lines from their feedback: “from this experience I feel enlightened/amazed/ astonished because my eyes have been opened”; “this weekend has fueled my hunger to know more, and become more prepared to advocate and educate… There is so much to be done”; “It’s exciting to think of bringing a similar project to JMU”; “I cannot put into words all of the things I will take away. I know I leave here with a new sense/fire for doing everything I can to educate and become more involved…I take away HOPE.” 

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