What Do People in Prison Want to Read?

 We have collected letters with very specific requests that we cannot fill because we don’t have what they want in our storage space. We’ve reached out to our wonderful network for donations. Posting here because the list is so interesting!

• American Sign Language (2 copies needed)
• Beginner’s Spanish (3 copies needed)
• Bible (2 copies needed)
• Bible (large print) (2 copies needed)
• Book of Enoch
• Buddhism
• Card tricks (how-to)
• Contemporary novel in Spanish
• Cosmetology
• Cross stitch book
• Crossword/word search/word puzzle book
• Dictionary (large print) (2 copies needed)
• Dungeon & Dragon (how-to play)
• Fishing
• Garfield comics
• Hinduism
• Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
• Planner/journal (2017-2018 with decorations/leaves)
• Quran
• Star Wars book
• Stephen King’s “It”
• Torah

Written by Appalachian Prison Book Project

APBP sends free books to people imprisoned in six states.


    1. Hi Kristin! You certainly can. Just add a note that says “Lydia” so it’s set aside for these requests. Thanks!

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