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APBP Is the 2020 Appalachian Nonprofit of the Year

Thousands of Appalachians voted in Appodlachia’s 2020 award show, and we’re excited to announce that the Appalachian Prison Book Project was named the Appalachian Organization/Non-Profit of the Year!

We share our victory with many other Appalachian stars. Here are some highlights:

Every vote we received—from volunteers, donors, community members, and other supporters—wasn’t just a vote for APBP; it was a vote for challenging mass incarceration, a vote for education and access to books, and a vote to say that incarcerated lives matter.

We here at APBP love being part of the activist community in Appalachia. Thanks to everyone who voted.


  1. Hi I’m Al the Librarian at the Norfolk sheriff’s office in the City of Norfolk Va. I am trying to see if we can get on your list for donated books for the inmates, thank you.

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