Current Volunteers

Volunteers who have completed the mandatory training are welcome to work in the Aull Center during their pre-scheduled times.

Volunteering During COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, we have temporarily set up new volunteering restrictions and procedures. With this in mind, both new and returning volunteers must attend virtual training sessions to get up to speed with these new policies.

If you are interested in volunteering with APBP this fall, contact us.

If you have already completed the required training, access the work schedule, logging aid, and other documents on our Training Materials/Welcome Kit (2020) Google Drive.

Other Volunteer Resources

The following resources may be useful to current volunteers.

Mailed Books Log

Please fill out the mailed books log for every book you mail for APBP. These records help us collect statistical data and, of course, keep a record of how many books we mail.

Volunteer Handbook

If you have questions about volunteering or want a refresher on how to open letters, match books, and wrap packages, read our volunteer handbook. Everything you need to know is inside this document. Other questions? Contact us.

Form Letter Half-Sheets

These form letter half-sheets are included in every package we mail. If we run out of these papers, you can print more from this attachment.

Educational Resources

To better understand how APBP works and learn more about imprisonment, re-entry, and education, read these educational resources compiled with volunteers in mind.