Committees and Coordinators

A dedicated group of 25 volunteers guide and coordinate APBP’s work. These volunteers are organized into committees and roles.

Grant-Writing Committee

Chair: Bridget Ferris

Identifies and applies for grant opportunities

Legal Committee

Chair: Harrison Case

Provides legal assistance to the organization

Mail Coordinators

Eric Hopkins, Diana Mazzella, and Elissa Momen

Manage incoming and outgoing mail, including responding to letters received from outside our service area and from prisons that do not accept our books; respond to pen pal requests

Records Retention Committee

Chair: Jane LaBarbara

Retains, organizes, and archives APBP records to meet federal and state requirements and maintain history of organization’s major decisions

Educational Coordinator

Katy Ryan

Coordinates prison book clubs, classes, and workshops; communicates with staff and volunteers; ensures that in-prison educators are meeting outside; documents educational activities; supervises graduate and undergraduate student interns

Social Media Coordinator

Lydia Welker

Develops social media strategy; manages social media accounts; maintains APBP website